Julien Lepiller

/ʒy.ljɛ̃ lø.pi.lɛʁ/

gpg : 0x53D457B2D636EE82

I am a Security Evaluation Engineer at Thales, Toulouse.

I was a member of the Rose group at Yale, United States, where I was working on configuration verification for security. I got my Ph.D in the Celtique team at Inria Rennes in France under the supervision of Thomas Jensen and Frédéric Besson. My thesis was on Software Fault Isolation.


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Here are some of my personal projects I particularly like.

  • Häyhä

    The tool related to the “Intra-update Sniping Vulnerabilities” paper. These vulnerabilities happen with Infrastructure as Code. Even when you specify secure initial and target states, there are intermediate states in which your infrastructure might be vulnerable. This tool checks your deployments and warns your if such vulnerabilities are possible.

  • Coquille for Neovim

    A fork of the original coquille plugin, improved and ported to neovim. Make coq proofs in neovim! This fork of coquille supports coq 8.6 to 8.10. It uses the multithreading capabilities of neovim to allow abortion of evaluation, parses your _CoqProject to load coq with the libraries you use and supports multiple coq sessions in the same neovim session.

  • Offlate

    A tool for translators: import translation projects, translate and send your contribution in the way prefered by upstream. Offlate connects to online translation platforms and gets work from them. Then, it allows you to translate offline, with the integrated tool or your favorite tool for the task. For each platform, it knows how to get and submit work so it can keep in sync. It also retains credentials and configuration for each platform and tells you how to get them.